Olive Oil Filling Machine

Location of high capacity machines

Technicial Specifications


Bottle Filling, Rinsing, Roll Foil Sealing,Capping And Body Sleeve Labeling Machine


Depends on required capacity

Products that can be filled

Olive oil, milk, sauces, juice, any liquid and fluid products

Filling Weight

It can be adjusted according to the desired weight.

Filling Nozzle Number

Max. 10 pcs

Pneumatic Pressure Requirement

8 bar

Used materials

suitable Stainless steel quality fo 304 - 316 is used.

Optional Specifications

Optional features can be added as per your request.

UV lamp, HEPA filter, Plastic cap closure, different type of packages in same machine, 2nd filling station, roll cutting paste, ready cut foil bonding, solid or liquid nozzel option, heater and mixer in hopper, collecting to exit conveyor tray, transfer pump, nitrogen gas.

Olive Oil Filling Capping Machine General Features

Olive oil filling capping machine is produced in different capacity and optional features according to different desired features. The designs of the desired dimensions and sizes for the liquid oil filling capping machine for different cups or bottles are made by our professional team. There are different machines in the olive oil packaging line. Such as bottle cleaning, filling, capping and capping, labeling, body sleeve dressing, security band sealing.

Why Dizayn Makina for Olive Oil Packaging Lines?

Designing and producing Olive Oil Filling Sealing Machine is a system that requires experience. As Dizayn Makina, we are producing oil bottling machines for more than 100 countries of the world with our experience in oil packaging and other filling packaging lines since 1993. For the bottle filling capping machine, we determine the appropriate filling system for oils with different viscosity ratios and fill in the desired weight range.

Liquid Oil Filling Sealing Machine, filling weights are adjustable. It is possible to fill different bottle, cup sor any packages sizes on the same machine. Olive Oil Capping Station, if desired, by making a rotational system, different bottle caps can be closed on the same machine, and a closing system can be used for different bottles with a single machine.

Systems Used for Olive Oil Filling and Packaging Machine

There are different systems such as bottle cleaning and disinfection, filling system, capping and sealing, labeling, body sleeve dressing for the oil filling capping machine. The most suitable olive oil bottling machine design and production according to the desired hourly capacity and filling weight is carried out by Dizayn Makina with the experience since 1993. The most suitable filling systems for the oil type are determined by Dizayn Makina.

Liquid oil capping systems are also designed in accordance with the capping system of the desired bottle and according to the desired capacity. There are sticker labeling and body sleeve labeling lines in olive oil packaging lines. Designing different types of labeling systems according to the desired label sizes. The designed sticker labeling stations can be made single-sided and double-sided.

Body sleeve labeling stations are specially manufactured for olive oil packaging lines according to the size of the bottle. Labels, which can be adjusted at desired heights, then enter the steam tunnel produced by Dizayn Makina and adhere successfully to the bottle. Machine Design since 1993 from our experience as olive oil Filling And Sealing Machine design and production together with our professional team we are producing our own production facility in Turkey. You can contact us on the Contact page to get detailed information about the liquid oil filling capping machine systems and to get an offer.

Olive Oil Bottling Machine Features

In addition to different optional features for the olive oil filling capping machine to the bottle, there are some standard features made with Dizayn Makina quality. These standard features are offered with Dizayn Makina quality.

In liquid oil packaging systems, the entire machine is made of 304 and 316 stainless, food-grade materials. All of our machines have CE certification. Our production facility makes production to the world in accordance with ISO standards. As Dizayn Makina, besides olive oil, many foods, cosmetics, etc. We fill, seal and label the products in different packages.

The software programming of the machine in the olive oil bottling machine line is done by Dizayn Makine’s professional team. By connecting to our machines remotely via internet, we can make necessary changes and intervene in any malfunctions that may occur. Optional designs are made in different closing types suitable for metal or plastic caps. Liquid oil capping stations are designed in capacities suitable for other stations.

They are the brands that have proven themselves in the world in the fields of electronics and other materials used in the production of olive oil filling capping machines. All of the production of the machines designed by Dizayn Makine with own profess,onal engineers.

You can reach us from the contact section to get an offer of olive oil filling capping machine for bottles and to give your questions and opinions. You can also visit our company at our address in the contact section and get detailed information about our production line.

Stations Used in Filling Sealing Machine Lines

Olive oil packaging lines are a system that results from the synchronized operation of different stations in integration with each other. Dizayn Makine has stations according to the desired features on the machines designed in desired capacities and dimensions.

The first systems used for the bottle filling capping machine are pre-filling sterilization systems. Blowing air into bottles, UV lamp, sterilization by heat tunnel, etc. Bottles to be filled are cleaned before filling thanks to different stations such as.

Sterilized bottles are then transferred to filling stations, filling systems can be designed according to the desired hourly capacity at the desired weight intervals, with filling systems suitable for liquid products at the filling station, in accordance with different operating modes.

Different closing systems are used that are suitable for the covers to be used in Olive Oil Capping Stations. These systems also work synchronously with the working capacities of other stations. The caps are placed on the bottles automatically or manually, then the left caps are closed automatically and the bottles continue to the next station through the station.

Sticker Labeling and body sleeve stations are used after capping in the olive oil packaging line. Depending on the shape of the bottle, single and double-sided sticker labeled bottles can be subjected to body sleeve dressing and subsequent labeling by passing through the steam tunnel if desired.

In addition to labeling stations for the olive oil bottling machine, it is also used in security bant putting and sealing station. Safety tapes, which are placed either automatically or manually, are adhered through steam or electric tunnels and delivered to the end user safely.

You can also fill different products with a single machine. CIP cleaning system in our machines, you can clean your machines automatically, switch to a different product and fill many products in one machine. If you want to use different bottles and jars for different products you will fill, you can make changes in weight by making conversion apparatus and filling different bottles and making different weight adjustments.

As Dizayn Makina, we have different optional solutions for the olive oil bottling machine. We export to 116 countries of the world with the assurance of our domestic production machines in accordance with CE quality standards. For more detailed information about our machines, please contact us.

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