Yoghurt and Dairy Products Filling and Packaging Machines

Different capacity machines depends on requirements

Technicial Specifications


Premade cups, Bottles, Jars, Buckets, Filling and Packaging Machines


Depends on required capacity

Products that can be filled

Yoghurt, cream cheese, milk, fruity yoghurt, kefir and different type of dairy products

Filling Weight

It can be adjusted according to the desired weight.

Nozzle Quantitiy

Max. 10 pcs

Pneumatic Pressure Requirement

8 bar

Used materials

suitable Stainless steel quality fo 304 - 316 is used.

Optional Specifications

Optional features can be added as per your request.

UV lamp, HEPA filter, Plastic cap closure, different type of packages in same machine, 2nd filling station, roll cutting paste, ready cut foil bonding, solid or liquid nozzel option, heater and mixer in hopper, collecting to exit conveyor tray, transfer pump, nitrogen gas.

General Features of Dairy Filling, Packaging and Labeling Machines

Dairy products filling packing machines are produced in different capacity and optional features according to different desired capacities. Dizayn Makina design the machines with own Professional engineer team with required capacity, filling ranges, cup, bottle dimensions and type.

These machines has different type of stations with different works. After filling, sealing for precut foil or roll foil, induction sealing, lid capping, screwing, sticker labeling, body sleeve labeling, collection tray etc.

All machines of Dizayn Makina has European Standarts with CE certificate. Dizayn Makina export own producing machine more than 100 countries all around the world since 1993. Machines, manufacturing with 304 and 316 stainless steel material and all materials are suitable for food products.

Produced machines are not only use for yoghurt, dairy and milk products, also they can use for different type of product in same machine, for example; honey, jam, chocolate etc. also Dizayn Makina can design machines for liquid and powder filling systems.

Yoghurt, Milk, Fruity Yoghurt, Cream Cheese, Kefir and this type of Dairy Products Can Fill on Same Machine

Filling of dairy products is usually done with a volimetric system, sometimes by adding servo motor. Many different types of products can be filled in these systems. In addition, can be adjusted in different weights. In this way, can have the opportunity to fill different types of products with different weights in the same machine.

There is slower filling option for foaming products such as milk, as well as the ability to fill from the bottom by activating nozzles. In this way, filling is realized that prevents foaming in the foaming products. The designs of the machines in the whole system are made by Dizayn Makine. In this way, faster and more accurate solutions to the problems that may occur are found by us.

Why Dizayn Makina for Yoghurt, Milk, Dairy Product Filling and Packaging Machines?

Dizayn Makina manufactures different type and system packaging machines since 1993 in Turkey. Machine produced by own professional team. Programming of machine also do by own engineers, if needs any help or support, can do, Dizayn Makina team can connect by internet all around the machines and if need any support or change can do easily and faster way.

Machine producing needs long experiences. Dizayn Makina has long experiences about filling, sealing, labeling and packaging machines sector. We can give good and long term solutions with this experiences. Also export more then 100 countries all around the world. This fact gives us more responsibility. We work more serious with this sense of responsibility.

What else does Dizayn Makina do?

Dizayn Makine does not only produce yoghurt, dairy products, filling and packaging machines in the milk field. At the same time, the production of different types of food filling and packaging machines are produced by Dizayn Makina’s professional team. In addition to liquid products, it fills and packs more viscosity products, granular products, powder products into bottles, jars, premade cups, tubes, buckets, spoons, capsules.

The machines are specially designed according to the desired hourly capacity, desired weight range and package dimensions. These designs are designed in sizes and shapes suitable for the area where the machines will be used. These designs are made by experienced engineers.

Jar and Bottle, cup, bucket filling, sealing, capping machines are designed in accordance with the requested capacity and production area. The latest technology in the production of Jar and Bottle, cup, bucket packaging machines is combined with Dizayn Makina experience since 1993.

In addition to Jar and Bottle Filling Sealing Machines, Dizayn Makina has machine productions in different systems such as Premade Cup, Coffee Capsule, Spoon Honey, Tube, Manual machines. Technological, Convenient, Special Design Machines for honey, jam, milk, ayran, various sauces, lemonade, tomato paste, tahini, molasses, yoghurt, cream products, powder products, etc. Bottle capping and sticker labeling operations of different products such as, work on a single machine with a synchronized system.

yoghurt, milk, cream cheese, labne, fruitty yoghurt, kefir, dairy products

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