Manual Filling And Sealing Machine

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Manual filling and sealing machine

How does manual filling and sealing machine work?

Manual filling and sealing machine is used to make ready cup filling process. When performing the procedure, first of all, you should take the ready-made container or cup after the operator seals then take from the tray.

Established in 1993, DİZAYN MAKİNA has adopted the principle of providing the best service to its customers in the food sector with its filling and packaging machines in line with its continuous growth targets, by prioritizing customer satisfaction and product quality. Our company has stepped into the process of institutionalization the necessity and the business volume growing structures, enabling specialization and division of labor and R & D activities within the company, following technological developments and applying became the company’s producing in the European quality in Turkey. Our aim is to be an efficient, reliable, filling and packaging machinery industry company serving the food industry at international standards, which can best meet the needs of our customers. Our target is to work customer and solution oriented, to provide our customers with complete services and products at the promised time, to ensure the individual development of our employees to increase the quality day by day. Without forgetting the understanding that “customer is the reason we exist”

Technicial Specifications


Manual Filling And Sealing Machine

6500 Adet/h (Pcs/H)
Products that can be attached

glass bottle, pet bottle, jar, tin etc.

Filling Weight
Filling Nozzle Number
Pneumatic Pressure Requirement
Used materials​

Stainless steel suitable for quality of 304 - 316 is used.

Optional Specifications

Optional features can be added as your request.


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