Labeling Machines

Technicial Specifications


Sticker Labeling and Body Sleeve

Depends on required capacity
Products that can be attached

Bottle, jar, cup, bucket etc.

Used materials

Stainless steel.

We produce machines with required features

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We produce machines with required features

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Packaging Systems with Dizayn Makina

Dizayn Makina has different type of packaging solutions since 1993. We design and produce high technology machines in Istanbul, Turkey. Manufacturing of the machines made by our experineced engineers and team.

We use high quality standart for producing. Dizayn makina export more than 100 countries all around the world, this is evidence of our worldwide quality. We can give service and spare part support all around the world for our machines.

After sale we have instalattions support with our team. programming of software do by our team, if need any cahnge ou programming we can do with our team faster. If user has any requirement we can do all araound the world with connact internet connections and can do the changes. Also If there is any problems, we can see the problems and can find solutions in same minute to all around the world.

If any problem we can connect our machines by internet all around the world and can change the programme, also can intervene problems. We have video call support also, if you need anything and if need any spare part we can support with spare parts.

Sticker Labeling Machines

Dizayn Makina design own machines and produce them since 1993. Sticker labeling machines also design by Dizayn Makina. Also it manufacture in İstanbul Turkey by Dizayn Makina professional engineer team.

Sticker labeling machines can design for different dimensions of labels. Also can use different size labels in same machine. System control by screen automatically. If required can connect by internet and can change all programme and can check all faults or anything else by internet.

Dizayn Makina has different type of sticker labeling systems for dfferent type of packages, Bottles, jars, cups buckets etc. ‘ of one side sticker labelings produced by Dizayn Makina. Also upstair or downstair of packages can label. 

Sticker Labeling machines design depends on dimensions of the labels. If want can use different size labels in one sticker labeling machine, for easy change can use many sizes in one machine. Also stations are adjustable.

Body Sleeve and Steam Tunnel

Packaging systems change everyday with technology. With technology development everyday new systems can appear and use. As Dizayn Makina, we follow the technology and do new types machines with our experiences.

Body Sleeve labeling system also fo last 10 year got popular and step by step using everyday more. Especially bottle, jar, bucket type of packages use body sleeve system with different sizes. For some companies this system is more useful and cheaper instead of label packages.

Body sleeve system there will be label as cylinder roll, machine gets roll from reservoir, cut andd put on bottles, jars buckets etc. depends on sizes, then packages enter the steam tunnel or electrical tuneel depends on size of package after it will seal on package.

After body sleeve system need steam tunnel or electrical tunnel because those sleeves need hot temperature fol seal on package. Also some companies use it for secuurity band, now a days for jars and bottles security bands are so important for last customers.

For Body sleeve system steam tunnel is so important because if steam tunne is not give all package body steam there will be not good quality sealing. For good quality sealing steam tunnel design and producing is important.

Dizayn Makina produce their own body sleeve system and steam tunnel with dimensions of bottle, jar, bucket, cup etc. All design machines can use for different size of packages also, also can connect the machine by internet to all around the world.

Dizayn Makina has steam tunnel, sticker labeling, body sleeve lines for bottle, cups, buckets.

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