Juice Filling Machine

Technicial Specifications


Bottle, premade cup, jar, bucket filling, sealing, capping and labeling models


Depends on required capacity

Products that can be filled

Juice, diffent type liquid products

Filling Weight

It can be adjusted according to the desired weight.

Nozzle Qty

Max. 10 pcs

Pneumatic Pressure Requirement

8 bar

Used materials

suitable Stainless steel quality fo 304 - 316 is used.

Optional Specifications

Optional features can be added as per your request.

UV lamp, HEPA filter, Plastic cap closure, Filling in different bowl shapes, Filling apparatus in different sizes in one machine, 2nd filling station, roll cutting paste, ready cut foil bonding, solid or liquid nozzel option, heater and mixer in hopper, collecting to exit conveyor tray, transfer pump to filling unit, nitrogen gas.

We produce machines with required features

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We produce machines with required features

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Juice Filling, Sealing, Capping and Labeling Machine

Our fruit juice filling and sealing machine, our machines are specially designed for you. In order to make the fruit juice filling and capping machine filling, we first listen to your requests and have a special machine designed by our engineers, we provide maximum benefit.

We can list the fruit juice filling capping machine as automatic capping, UV lamp, filling unit, aluminum foil, cutting, pasting and capping. In order to facilitate the packaging process, we can collect the products coming from the conveyor here with the collection tray and ensure that the products are taken from here.

We use 304 and 316 food grade stainless steel in our machines. You can fill many products with appropriate viscosity ratio into special containers for you.

Bowl safety is located under the chassis, sensors control the bowl, in case of absence of the bowl, the machine stops and gives an alarm.

As Dizayn Makina, we design and manufacture different type of fruit’s Juice Filling Sealing Machine. In the continuation of the fruit juice filling system, pre-made cups or bottle sealing, capping, labeling etc. It continues in the systems and becomes a complete line.

In addition to using materials specific to the viscosity of the product in the systems used for Fruit’s Juice Filling Sealing Machine, the most efficient of different fruit filling systems such as self-fluid system, piston and servo system are used.

Get the Technology with Dizayn Makina

We produce powder, viscosity and liquid filling systems with our experience since 1993. We can also integrate systems such as sealing, sticker labeling, body sleeve labeling systems. We can pack products into bottles, jars, buckets, containers, etc. Our machines are designed according to the desired packaging system and production area.

Free training and installation service of our machines after production, service and spare parts services we provide to every corner of the world are available. The software programming of the systems we produce is done by Dizayn Makina, we can detect malfunctions in our machines from anywhere in the world by connecting to the internet remotely.

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