Labeling Machines

Labeling Machines

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Labeling Machines

How does the labeling machine work?

Labeling machines are our machines that we offer you to stick labels on certain sizes, glass bottles, pet bottles, jars, cans and similar objects.

Among the labeling machine types, there are cylindrical labeling machine, corner labeling machine and flat labeling machine models. We prefer the cylindrical labeling machine in the bottle labeling machine.

You can quickly find the most suitable labeling machine for your company’s needs on Dizayn Makina. You can request that additional optional features be added to the labeling machine you like, depending on your needs. Design labeling machine models do not make any starting point errors, shifting, trapezoid sticking and similar problems. On average, 66 labeling can be done per minute with Dizayn label sticking machine. You can easily introduce the stopping point to your label and work without error with the fiber optic sensor with smart identification feature in Dizayn labeling machines.

In this respect, you can carry out your labeling processes quickly, and efficiently with the labeling machines we offer for you. Finally, with the labeling machine models, you can help you label bottles, cans and similar objects easily and do your work quickly and efficiently.

Labeling Machine Prices

Prices of labeling machines vary according to the features and capacities of the products. Another factor that affects the price of the label maker is what optional features you want to add if you need them. You can contact us to find out the prices of the labeling machine immediately.

Technicial Specifications


Etiketleme Makinası

6500 Adet/h (Pcs/H)
Products that can be attached

cam şişe, pet şişe, kavanoz, teneke Vb..

Filling Weight
Filling Nozzle Number
Pneumatic Pressure Requirement
Used materials

304 - 316 Kalite gıdaya uygun Paslanmaz kullanılır.

Optional Specifications

Optional features can be added as your request.

UV lamp, HEPA filter, Plastic cap closure, Filling in different bowl shapes, Filling apparatus in different sizes in one machine, 2nd filling station, roll cutting paste, ready cut foil bonding, solid or liquid nozzel option, heater and mixer in hopper, collecting to exit conveyor tray, transfer pump to filling unit, nitrogen gas.

On the labeling machine, you can choose the one that suits you from the following capacities.

It is possible to make single and double sided labeling of bottles and jars of different sizes and shapes together with labeling machines. It is also possible to label the top side of the products.

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DTL -3 4.000 Adet/Saat(Pcs/H)