Coffee Capsule Filling And Sealing Machine

Coffee Capsule Filling and Packaging Machine

How does the Coffee Packaging machine work?

Dizayn Makina’s packaging machines also have different type of nozzles. When the capsules and nozzles increase, both the chassis and prices of the machine change. Our machines are the same quality, our engineers design and offer you special machines according to your production capacity and prefer the suitable machine.

Coffee capsule packaging machine can design for diffent type of nozzels quantities, these quantities of nozzel change the capacity of the machine for per/hour. 

Dizayn Makina can design nespresso, lavazza, tchibo, k-cup etc type packages filling and packaging machines. Dizayn Makine design the machine depends of requirement capacity and type of capsules.

kahve kapsülü

Coffee capsule packaging machine can fill different capacities for 1 hour. Machines are different stations for different operations. These stations systes are decide depends on type, capcities and requirements.

First station generally use for automatic capsule dropping, empty capsules put on magazine of the machine, from magazine machine takes the coffee capsules automatically and drop the mold of it.

After that screw system use for powder , there is adjustable weight control by servo motor from screen. Depends on different coffee volume, for same capsule can enter different type of coffee quantity because all coffee volumes are not same, it is also adjustable with servo system.

Screw system can do different powder products. Coffee, milk powder, powder chocolate, flour type of any product can fill with this system.

After Screw Filling station there is sealing stations, depends on capsule type (nespresso, lavazza, dolce gusto, k-cup, tchibo etc.) there will be different sealing stations. Because all has their own system and different type of sealing system. 

Sealing system important for the capsules, because if there is no good quality sealing there will be problem in machines, while capsule machine prepeare the coffee, they work with pressure to it, if there is no sealing well, that system wil not work well too, at the end there is not good taste coffee.

About Dizayn Makina

Dizayn Makina work on packaging machinery sector since 1993. Many different type of products can package with Dizayn technology. All machines design %100 by Dizayn Makina engineers depends on required package, capacity, product etc.

Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, Lavazza, tchibo, k-cup type of packages also can produce by Dizayn Makina. For more details and offers please contact with us then we will infom you for all details. 

Technicial Specifications


Coffee Capsule Filling And Packaging Machines

Max. 10.000 Pcs/hour
Products that can be filled
Filling Weight
It can be adjusted according to the desired weight.
Capsule Type

Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, K-cup, Lavazza, Tchibo

Pneumatic Pressure Requirement
8 bar
Used materials

Stainless steel suitable for quality of 304 - 316 is used.

Optional Specifications

Optional features can be added as your request.

UV lamp, HEPA filter, Plastic cap closure, Filling apparatus in different sizes in one machine, 2nd filling station, roll cutting paste, ready cut foil bonding, solid or liquid nozzel option, heater and mixer in hopper, collecting to exit conveyor tray, nitrogen gas.

In the coffee capsule filling machine, you can choose the one that suits you from the following capacities.

Machines are totally designed by Dizayn Makina and can fill different products and different weights. There is difeerent type of models depends on difeerent type of capacities per/hour.

[Makina Codes ] [Capacities of Coffee Capsule Models]
DC1 1400 Pcs per/hour
DC2 2400 Pcs per/hour
DC3 3500 Pcs per/hour
DC4 4800 Pcs per/hour
DC5 5500 Pcs per/hour
DC6 6500 Pcs per/hour

Powder Filling System with Dizayn Makina Technology

We are as Dizayn Makina produce different type of filling machines for powder products. Nespresso, lavazza, tchibo and any other type of it can fill and packaged with Dizayn Makina technology.

We produce the machines in Turkey, we use screw filling system for powder products. This system control by servo motor and filling range is adjustable with this system.

Screw filling system can use any type powder product, not only for coffee. But for producing this sytem need experiences. We are as Dizayn Makine have long experiences about packaging machines since 1993.

Why Screw Filling System for Powder Products?

Powder Filling needs to be sensetive system, especially capsule type of smaller gram cups needs more sensetive. Screw Fillling systems are useful for this type of products.

Coffee type of any powder product can fill with screw filling system, this system controll by servo motor. Product weight is adjustable with servo motor, it can change easly from screen automatically.

Machines can design for Nespresso, Lavazza, Tschibo, K-cup, Dolce Gusto type of different capsules

Dizayn Makina is machine producer in İstanbul Turkey. Before produce the machines, they are design from Dizayn Makina designers %100. Design of the them do depends on capacities, filling weignts and mostly cup dimensions and types. 

Dizayn Makina can design the machines for nespresso, lavazza, tschibo, k-cup, dolce gusto type of capsules. For these type of capsules can produce different type of filling, sealing and packaging systems.

Also programming of the machines do by techinical team of Dizayn Makina. If needs any change of programming it intervene directly from Dizayn Makina. 

Dizayn Makina can connect the all machines around the world by internet and can see the errors of the machine or can change the programmes of the machine.

Dizayn Makina established since 1993, export more then 100 countries all arount the world. we have services for instalattion and for any technicial issues also we can do spare parts support.

kahve kapsülü
Nespresso, lavazza, k-cup, tchibo, dolce gusto, capsule

Lavazza, Tchibo, Dolce Gusto, K-cup, Nespresso

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