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Bottle filling capping and labeling machines

Bottle filling, screwing and labeling machines are a line determined according to the desired dimensions and product. In this line, other than bottle filling screwing, rinsing, air blowing, UV lamp, capping, sticker labeling, body sleeve etc. It is available in systems consisting of different machines such as. Bottle packaging machine; These are machines that can make glass or plastic bottle filling, screwing and labeling.

Products with different viscosities can be filled packaging machine. Self-fluid filling screwing system for liquid consistency products, packaging systems with piston or servo motor are used for bottles. Filling can be made in the desired weight of bottles.

In addition, if desired, bottle filling can be done in the system with a heater, in double wall and mixer. Packaging systems are made with materials suitable for the product to be filled.

Filling screwing and labeling machines, capping systems are also possible in different capping systems suitable for bottles. There is a production of screw cap closing, flask capping or Bottle filling capping machine in a different system.

Technological, Convenient, Special Design Machines for different type of packages and products.

The programming of the bottle packaging machine is completely carried out by our professional team. By establishing a connection over the internet for the bottle packaging machine, we can program our machines all over the world and obtain information about the problems that may occur.

Filling, capping  and Labeling Machines are Produced in Different Packages with the Experience of Dizayn Makina.

Packagingvmachines are designed in accordance with the requested capacity and production area. The latest technology in the production of jar and bottle packaging machines, combined with Dizayn Makina experience from 1993, creates the
desired filling and screwing machines.

In addition to Packaging Machines, Dizayn Makina has machine productions in different systems such as premade cup Filling and Screwing machines, Coffee Capsule packaging Machines, Spoon Honey Filling and Sealing Machines, Tube Filling and capping machines, Manual machines.

Thanks to the Professional Team and the Experience from 1993, The Latest Technology Jar and Bottle packaging, Labeling Machines are produced.

As Dizayn Makina, we know the importance of the work we have done since 1993, when we were founded, and we prioritize customer satisfaction.

Bottle and jar filling screwing, labeling machines, which are our own design and production, are made by our professional team, and the installation and service of bottle and jar packaging, sticker labeling machines are carried out by our own professional team.

Thanks to the service and installation services we provide to all parts of the world, we have food machines that produce long-term production. In addition, we have the opportunity to intervene by connecting bottles and jar filling screwing and labeling machines over the internet and making the necessary examinations.

From the production of bottle and jar filling screwing, sticker labeling machines, user operator trainings are provided in our own production area and in the area where the machine is used.

We Design packaging Machines Suitable for Your Production Area and We Produce It Completely In Our Production Facility.

In the production of Filling, screwing and Labeling Machine, machine is designed from scratch, according to samples to be filled, capped and labeled. The production process begins as soon as the design is approved by the customer.

Bottle and Jar packaging and Sticker Labeling Machines are produced with the highest quality materials during the production. After the production of Bottle and Jar packaging Machines is completed, the test processes of filling screwing and labeling stations continue with samples taken, and the first operator training is given and ready for shipment.

Packaging Machines, which reaches the area to be used, is set up and tested with the visit of our professional team, the second operator training is given for the Filling screwing and sticker Labeling Machine, followed by production with packaging and Labeling Machine, delivered to the user.

Technicial Specifications


Bottle Filling, Rinsing, Roll Foil Sealing,Capping And Body Sleeve Labeling Machine


Depends on required capacity

Products that can be filled

Buttermilk, Water, Fruit Juice, fermented Milk, Cream Cheese, Cokokrem etc. v.b.

Filling Weight

It can be adjusted according to the desired weight.

Nozzle Quantity

Max. 10 pcs

Pneumatic Pressure Requirement

8 bar

Used materials

suitable Stainless steel quality fo 304 - 316 is used.

Optional Specifications

Optional features can be added as per your request.

UV lamp, HEPA filter, Plastic cap closure, different dimension packages, Filling apparatus in different sizes in one machine, 2nd filling station, roll cutting paste, ready cut foil bonding, solid or liquid nozzel option, heater and mixer in hopper, collecting to exit conveyor tray, transfer pump, nitrogen gas.

Packaging labeling machines

[ Product ] [package type]
Juice Bottles
Yoghurt Premade cup
Milk Bottle
Honey Jar, spoon, tube
Ketchup, Mayonnaise Jar, bottle
Chocolate Jar, tubes, spoon
Tomato paste Bottle, jar
Kefir Bottle jar
Olive oil Bottle, jar
Cosmetics Tubes
Jam Jar, cups

Jar filling capping and labeling machines.

Jar packaging machines : It is a variety of machines that provide filling and capping of ready-made foods such as food, beverage,chemicals and detergents, cream derivatives and creamy foods such as cream tubes, bottle caps, tins, jars, plates and similar jars.

There are different bottle packaging stations to be used in different processes in jar filling, screwing and labeling machines. Among the industrial packaging machines we offer for you under this category, there are different stations such as, shaking and air blowing, capping, sticker labeling and body sleeve.

Thanks to the closing processes made with jar filling machines screwing , the products are prevented from spoiling and their shelf life is extended.

One of the most important advantages of jar filling and capping machines is that they can work in harmony with different types of caps. As a matter of fact, jar packaging labeling machines of different types and sizes of caps, different mouth sizes can be easily made with jar Screwing machine types.

With the models of filling, screwing and labeling machines, each of which has different functions, screwing operations can be done quickly and in a very short time. In addition, products that are closed with screwing machines do not take air and leak. screwing machines are produced in 2 different main categories as fully automatic screwing machine and semi-automatic (manual) screwing machine.

Another important issue in filling, screwing and sticker labeling machines used in many different business sectors such as food, chemistry, cosmetics, detergent and similar is that it allows a hygienic production environment. In this respect, filling and capping machines are advantageous.

As a matter of fact, in all of the filling and capping machines produced by Dizayn Makina, the points that come into contact with the products are produced from stainless materials suitable for food.

You can maximize your working speed and efficiency with our various filling and capping machines that will appeal to all small, medium and large scale enterprises.

Jar packaging Machine can be added different labeling systems. Filling and sealing can be labeled on one side or both sides as well as labeling on the top of the jar.

There are optional options such as filling, screwing and labeling jar, automatic safety tape putting and sticking, body sleeve and steam tunnel. Different types of useful solutions are offered in jar packaging machines in the desired capacity and system.packaging

We produce machines with required features

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We produce machines with required features

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